An Epiphany. A New Start.

I changed the title of my blog. As much as I like the idea of writing, “Off the Top of My Head”, I don’t do it and I surely didn’t post anything directly off the top of my head. The new title, “Something Worth Sharing” is a more accurate reflection of my practice. Maybe I should put a question mark at the end, “Something Worth Sharing?” The fact is, I try to be careful when I write. I am careful not to post anything that would hurt anyone I love. I am careful not to post anything that would embarrass God. I am careful to share just those things that are personal enough to be authentic, but universal enough to be relate-able. No wonder my posts are months apart!

What has given me the courage to return is the great freedom of mediocrity. Here are the facts –

1. I have a virtual friend who is an incredibly gifted writer. I have no doubt that someday, she will write the perfect sentence (if she hasn’t already). She struggles to get published in small literary e-zines. I read her work and think, “Whoah. I could never do that. Damn.” See She’ll blow the top of your head off.

2. I recently went to a blog of a writer who is successful and my reaction was a sloppy shrug with a, “meh”. Her contemplative essays were ok, but nothing my mind would return to or meditate on.

3. I find myself returning to the work of #2 just to release some of the pressure that the work of #1 puts on my psyche.

There you have it; freedom in mediocrity. God bless America and happy 4th of July! I’m baaaaaack non-existent readers!


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